Greek Macedonian newspapers of late 19th cent.- early 20th cent. FYROM propaganda exposed!

“Faros Of Macedonia” – paper of 29th November 1887.

Faros of Macedonia


“Ermis of Thessaloniki”. Paper of 24th Octomber of 1875.

Ermis of Thessalonike


Greek-Bulgarian quarrels in Macedonia“. Newspaper “Empros” 1913. Still no trace of “Macedonians” of the Skopjan type but only Greek and Bulgarian populations in the region of Macedonia.


Let me translate the above article.


Discovery of Dynamite also in Skopje
Bienna 25 April. Police discovered in the houses of Bulgarians in Skopje great amount of dynamites.

In the following article.


Bulgarian Rebel groups
Bienna 25 April. I am telegraphing from Belgrad that the Rebel Bulgarian groups were anihilated. The lamentation of the refugees reach in the surroundings of Kratovo, coming from Thessalonica
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