Modern Bulgarian Heroes…claimed by FYROM


This memorandum was handed to Dr.Kozhuharov, the Bulgarian consul in Bitola, and transmitted by him to the government in Sofia with report N441 from September 17th, 1903. A part of the text is published on p.435 of Macedonia’s Struggle for Liberation (Sofia, 1933, edition of The Ilinden Uprising Veterans’ Organization) by Christo SILJANOV – one of the leaders of IMRO and one of the most eminent historians and memoirists that have ever written on the national liberation movement of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the district of Adrianople.

” Considering the critical and terrible situation that the Bulgarian population of the Bitola Vilayet found itself in and following the ravages and cruelties done by the Turkish troops and irregulars, … considering the fact that everything Bulgarian runs the risk of perishing and disappearing without a trace because of violence, hunger, and the upcoming misery, the Head Quarters finds it to be its obligation to draw the attention of the respected Bulgarian government to the pernicious consequences vis-a-vis the Bulgarian nation, in case the latter does not fulfill its duty towards its brethren of race here in an imposing fashion which is necessary by virtue of the present ordeal for the common Bulgarian Fatherland...

…Being in command of our people’s movement, we appeal to you on behalf of the enslaved Bulgarian to help him in the most effective way – by waging war.We believe that the response of the people in free Bulgaria will be the same.

… No bulgarian school is opened, neither will it be opened… Nobody thinks of education when he is outlawed by the state because he bears the name Bulgar
Waiting for your patriotic intervention, we are pleased to inform you that we have in our disposition the armed forces we have spared by now.


GOCE DELCEV to Nikola Maleshevski

„…Defections and split-ups should not scare you at all. It is regrettable, indeed, but what is to be done if WE ARE BULGARIANS and we all suffer from the same disease! If this desease were not inherent in our ancestors from whom we also inherited it, we would have never fallen under the ugly sceptre of the Turkish sultans…” letter from Goce Delchev (great hero and fighter for the freedom of Bulgarians in Macedonia)to Nikola Malashevski, Jan. 5 1899

Letter of Goce Delcev to Nikola Maleshevski, an activist of SMARO

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