The Argead sun of Vergina

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This symbol known as the Argead sun of Vergina (with the 16 rays) is the same symbol as is the one with the 8 rays, but it has 8 additional smaller rays (reflections) in order to emphasize the brightness of the sun, since the 8 smaller rays do not touch the central circle of the symbol as the other 8 do. Finally this symbol did not exist as any kind of national symbol during antiquity and it only symbolised the Argead dynasty that claimed it`s descent from Argos and ruled the Greek kingdom of Macedonia.This sun with the 16 rays is found only in the royal tomb of Philip II, which was excavated in 1977 in Vergina (IN GREECE), by Manolis Andronikos. The “sun” is part of national Greek herritage and is a Hellenic symbol so only the Greek nation can have its copyright. The state of FYROM isn’t connected, by any means, with the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia nor the Greek symbol and so the use of the 16-ray sun is propagandistic. The flag shown here with the blue background is the official flag of the Greek province of Macedonia.

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“The number of the lines is based on the number of the syllables in the Greek phrase: Eleutheria H Thanatos (Freedom or Death)”.


“Freedom or Death was the motto during the years of the Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman Empire in the 19nth century [There are claims that the number of lines reflects the number of letters in the greek word for Freedom which equals 9]. This word stirred the heart of the oppressed Greeks, it created intense emotions and inspired them to fight and gain their freedom after 400 years of slavery. The line pattern was chosen because of their similarity with the wavy sea that surounds the shores of Greece.The interchange of blue and white colors makes the Hellenic Flag on a windy day to look like the Aegean Pelagos. The Greek Square Cross that rests on the upper left-side of the flag and occupies one fourth of the total area demonstrates the respect and the devotion the Greek people have for the Greek Orthodox Church and signifies the important role of Christianity in the formation of the modern Hellenic Nation. During the dark years of the Ottoman rule, the Greek Orthodox Church helped the enslaved Greeks to retain their cultural characteristics: the Greek language, the Byzantine religion and generally the Greek ethnic identity, by the institution of the Crypha Scholia (hidden schools).
The Crypha Scholia were a web of schools that operated secretly throughout Greece and were committed in transmitting to the Greeks the wonders of their ancestors and the rest of their cultural heritage. Today, Christianity is still the dominant religion among Greeks. Therefore the existence of the Cross is justified.”


“Blue and White! These two colors symbolize the blue of the Greek Sea and the Whiteness of the restless Greeks waves! White also symbolises freedom.
According to the mythic legends, the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite emerged from these waves. In addition, it reflects the blue of the Greek Sky and the White of the few clouds that travel in it.”


The 16 rays sun was found at King Philip`s grave. Usually you will find symbols of an 8 rays sun. The Argeads claimed descent from Argos and the Argead Sun is the symbol of the Argead dynasty that ruled the Greek kingdom of Macedonia. Here we see the sun on the national flag of Hellas.

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  1. sponiros Says:

    macedonia was greec , the macedonian always was spocen greec macedonia was NEVER SLAVIC

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