FYROM propaganda “The use of the term Macedonia was forbidden in Greece until 1988”

F.Y.R.O.M.-Slavs claim that the use of the term “MAKEDONIA” in Greece was forbidden until 1988 and that no province with the name “MAKEDONIA” (Macedonia) existed in Northern-Greece before 1988.

There are many examples for state institutions or private organizations which use the term “MAKEDONIA” in Greece since the end of 19th century and still use it:

Faros Of Macedonia – paper of 29th November 1887.

Ermis of Thessaloniki – paper of 24th Octomber of 1875.

The Greek government had given the title Governor General of Macedonia” to the Greek minister of the Macedonia region in Greece.


In early 1923 the Governor-General of Macedonia, Achilleas Lambros, conducted an ethnological survey of this region.(30) According to Lambros, the statistical data came (a) from the official Greek census of 1920, (b) from another census conducted at about the same time on behalf of the Foreign Ministry and (c) from information derived from various local officials.

This figure is also supported by an 1912 unofficial and unpublished census found in the papers of the first Greek Governor-General of Macedonia, Stefanos Dragoumis.(25)
(25.) Archeio Stefanou Dragoumi [Stefanos Dragoumis Papers], F.116.4., Governor-General of Thessaloniki to the Prime Minister, Thessaloniki, 4 November 1913, ref. 17210

1923: “In the course of conversation, Mr. Lambros [Governor General of Macedonia], actually said that the present was a good opportunity to get rid of the Bulgars [sic] who remained in this area and who had always been a source of trouble for Greece

The building of the Society of Macedonian Studies founded in 1934. You do not need to know Greek to read the word in the middle: Makedonikwn=Macedonian

    Newspaper “MAKEDONIA” March 1940

Macedonia (Greek:Μακεδονία) is a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1911 by Vellidis.
NationMaster – Encyclopedia: Macedonia (newspaper)
The Society for Macedonian Studies
In the spring of 1939, a number of distinguished citizens of Thessaloniki founded the Society for Macedonian Studies as a legal entity of private law.
The Society for Macedonian Studies founded the Institute for Balkan Studies, initially as one of its own departments. The latter is now an independent body in its own right, with the Society for Macedonian Studies represented by three of the seven members of the Administrative Board. Another foundation is the Historical Archive of Macedonia, and the Society was also co-founder of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle.
The Society for Macedonian Studies
Art Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies
Founded in 1975, this was the first organised visual art institution in the city, its purpose being to promote and disseminate modern Greek art, mainly that of northern Greece. […] The collection comprises more than 400 works, mainly paintings, sculptures, and engravings, mostly by artists from Thessaloniki and Macedonia in general, though there are also works by major artists from the rest of Greece and other countries too.
Art Gallery of the Society for Macedonian Studies by Greece Museums Guide – #1 Travel Guide to Greek Culture

Thessaloniki Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

The Society which is responsible for the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle is that of the “Frieds of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle”, a private association founded in Thessaloniki in 1979.
Greece uses the term“MAKEDONIA” even before Macedonia was liberated. FYROM’s propagandistic claim that the greek Term “MAKEDONIA” was forbidden in Greece is totally clumsy and another lie used by FYROM’s propagandists.


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