FYROM’s Albanians: Government avoids settling the Name Dispute

Albanians in FYROM are becoming increasingly frustrated with Gruevski’s government inability to fulfil the EU conditions.

According to them the name issue still hampers the EU membership and not a single step has been made in connection to the political agreement signed on 1 March.

They use as prime example FYROM’s government inability to establish a parliamentary ad-hoc commission for clearing the events of 24 December.

[pullquote] FYROM’s Government has no political capacity because it continues to avoid settling the name dispute and overcoming the political impasse.[/pullquote]

Experts said in Albanian Zurnal that the Government has no political capacity because it continues to avoid settling the name dispute and overcoming the political impasse.

European Commissioner Stefan Fule is expected to pay a visit to FYROM on 1 June where he will face the unfulfilled conditions by the country’s domestic politicians.

Therefore according to analysts, the  June’s report on FYROM will be negative and full of remarks about the government and state institutions.

On the other hand, they consider that the EU wont give up on FYROM due to Brussels’ commitment the entire region to join the EU.

Ismet Ramadani stated that  it is  proven that the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE does not show political will to meet the European requirements.

According to him, it seems that BDI has a problem, both with the government and opposition. He adds that the the country’s politics is becoming more absurd and the consequences are felt by all the citizens, mostly Albanians.

Naser Ziberi argued about VMRO’s silence,  that this is nothing new because the ruling party has remained “deaf” to the effort for solving the dispute.

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