FYROM: Ivanov’s gaffes most likely wont allow him to get a new mandate


Gjorgje Ivanov will not get the chance to run for a new mandate with the support of  FYROM’s ruling party. VMRO-DPMNE considers the current Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski as the best option for candidate at the future presidential elections.

There are many who argue that Ivanov has made many mistakes connected to FYROM’s foreign policy.

VMRO-DPMNE sources point out the latest diplomatic gaff that Ivanov made, with the support he gave to the Turkish Prime Minister for the protests in Turkey. Ivanov has not only lost the support in VMRO-DPMNE but also in the BDI, especially with the ignoring of Kosovo’s officials.

PM Gruevski will most probably not allow Ivanov, the luxury of repeating his mandate. Regardless of whether he is to nominate Stavreski or even himself. Due to the economic situation and the newly created international position of FYROM, its not excluded the possibility for Gruevski to take Crvenkovski’s path and replace the sizzling government seat with a more comfortable seat.

The situation with the current president is desperate and VMRO-DPMNE will look for a more charismatic and active person from its ranks,” stated Demiri in the Albanian Zurnal.

In the meantime, SDSM has still not thought about who its presidential candidate will be while BDI is thinking about Lazar Elenovski, R. Aliti and G. Ostreni.

By V.K.

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