Slovenian President Pahor Urges FYROM at last to put forward a Name Proposal

Borut Pahor34

FYROM President Gjorge Ivanov received a slap in his face by his Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor. At the press conference taking place in Skopje, the Slovenian President Pahor said it takes two to fight regarding the fact that the name issue has not yet been resolved,

Pahor, according to Utrinski Vesnik, suggested that FYROM should put forward a concrete compromise solution (instead of just to appeal for meetings that produce essentially nothing) and demonstrate pragmatism (instead of complaining).

Pahor also told Ivanov during his visit to Skopje that Macedonia should think of a message by 25 July to be conveyed to the EU.


The surprise of President Ivanov to Pahor’s suggestions was something he couldnt hide from cameras.  Its more than obvious that European leaders are fed up with FYROM’s stubbornness and lack of any real intentions in resolving the name issue, hence we had Pahor’s suggestions.

Analysts from FYROM who saw a staunch supporter of their country’s European integration to see responsibility in FYROM, pointed out today that they would not be surprised if the same message comes from the Croatian President Josipovic who will visit them soon.

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