The view from Mount Alexander, Australia


The view from Mount Alexander, Australia

Mt Alexander (741 m) in the Central Highlands of Victoria, 120 km north-west of Melbourne, Australia, was named after Alexander the Great by the first European in the area Major Mitchell on his journey into ‘Australia Felix’ in 1836-37. Reflecting an era steeped in classical history and literature, he named Mt Alexander due to its proximity to Mt Macedon, for Alexander was the son of Phillip of Macedonia. Mt Macedon is an extinct volcano which rises to 1010 metres above sea-level, making it the highest peak of the Macedon Ranges.


The view from Mount Macedon, Australia

Another famous nearby peak in the Macedon Ranges, Hanging Rock, formed the backdrop of the classic Australia movie Picnic at Hanging Rockdepicting the mysterious disappearance of three schoolgirls. The Rock is part of a small extinct volcano which rises to 105 metres above the surrounding plain. It was formed by lava emerging from a vent in the earth about six million years ago. The Rock has been a popular picnicking spot since late in the 19th century and was also reputed to have been a hideout for bushrangers in the gold rush era.

The mysterious Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges, Australia

Even today the Rock has an air of mystery and the supernatural if the following news item is to be believed.,22049,23877343-5013499,00.html

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